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"This Chicago Startup Aims to Create Company Culture for High-Growth Co's"

"To Buoy’s co-founder, one company perk stands above the rest"

Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand

"Make your job not suck with Buoy"


 All about the perks.

"Cofounded by Polsky Exchange member Liam Stanton, there's a new Chicago startup on the scene that's working to foster a strong company culture... for other companies. Buoy, an office perk service, facilitates experiences with vendors who offer events and perks that range from yoga classes and mentorship to company happy hours. Read more on this innovative new startup."

This expert on company culture reveals the most important part.

"Polsky member Liam Stanton is the cofounder of startup Buoy, a company built around supplying other companies with the perks and benefits they need to enhance their company culture. So, it's safe to say he knows a thing or two about what makes or breaks a company's vibe. And in case you were curious, there is one thing that stands out to him above everything else... Read on."